Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Is Autumn here?

We have had some surprisingly cold days here just lately. But on Monday I did manage to sit in the garden and read with my afternoon coffee. Biddle joined me.

We later joined by Moriarty and trophy mouse who are visiting from the Isle of Skye.

Here they are watching for birds.

I have finished a couple of things since the holiday

yes the knitting is a letter N and is my contribution to this
I can't think of anything better than knitting and poetry.

The voile curtains in our kitchen were brightly multicoloured and my pride and joy. The fabric was bought in a sale and although they were many years old and looking a bit faded they wee doing well, until shortly after the arrival of Tia when mysterious rips appeared. Having hidden the rips for a while I decided it was time for news ones that would remain partly open so Tia can look out the window. These I made to hang while she was away. When she came home from her holiday for a week (or so) one was tucked behind a plant and the other looped in the blind cord. You can see how unsightly

So I made these

and now the curtains look like this

The fabric was a 25p remnant that had been in my stash for many years. The old curtains are now in the stash, they are bound to come in useful soon.

I have finished a x stitch square for a swap but won't post a photo until its been sent.

I have new knitting on the go now. A Biddle style jumper for an elephant. She pinched one of Biddle's so he decided I should knit her one of his own in a girly colour.

I keep looking at fabric and patterns etc but cannot come to a decision about what to make next. Witch isn't finished but I have had no ideas on embellishments yet.

It is too early to tell yet how the supply work is going to go this term. One agency is not hopeful. Some schools have at least 4 cover supervisors. Another agency is more hopeful.

Libby is still suffering the repercussions from her swine flu, two chest infections and long term medication.

Thank you for coming to visit and for the comments.


Jackie said...

I was wondering where you went ofr your hols to have seen so much but then I realised you did days out. What a great idea. I can't remember exactly where you live but its a very central place. Fancy, you were in Preston!

Anonymous said...

Were you assigned the letter "n" for the poem, or did you pick it?

All the best to Libby. Hope she's well soon.

Shashi Nayagam said...

The curtains look very graceful. I hope Libby gets over her remenants of the flu soon.