Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I am one of the Weird its official

Now I have always known that I am not your usual female. I love watching most sport and most of my musical tastes are very different to that of female friends. I am not into make-up, jewellery most material possessions, or brand names (except Apple mac of course) . I take bears on trips and photograph them. My blog has been acknowledged in the post

new friends

on Mad Priest's "Of course I could be wrong blog." I love his blog (but it may not be everyone's cup of tea) and have found out all sorts of things and linked to loads of sites I would have missed..

I have several pieces of work that are in progress.

This is from a Pattern by The Chook shed I bought at a Harrogate show.

This piece of patchwork is a practice piece I made years ago I thought I would put together with the background fabric I acquired ( where from escapes me)

The last piece is again from the same The Chookshed pattern and will feature fabric and bits from the colour exchange I took part in

I am not sure exactly how they will all end up. Ye Olde Chocolate Shoppe is going well and will be worthy of photographing again soon.

We had a visit from a female blackbird at the weekend and was pleased to see she easily managed to get into the feeder cage. We bought this because pigeons can eat a dish of food in next to no time.

These were taken from the kitchen window and the background noise is me giggling I don't know why it might be at Jonathan Agnew on
Test Match Special on the radio

ps sorry video wouldn't upload so there is just the still photo

We only started getting feral pigeons visiting in the the very cold winter weather and they are a nuisance.
Some of our pots are looking really lovely and this bush gets bigger and better each year. The sparrows shelter there quite often

There is only one week left after this week before Springbank. John has the week off, we will be out and about for Biddle's birthday and that of a weird blogger
Thanks for stopping by


Lisa said...

You're weird? Me too!

That must be why enjoy your blog. I hope that you and Biddle have a lovely celebration day.

P.S. thank you for recommending birds to me on Facebook. You know I love birds!

Anonymous said...

So you're officially weird, huh? *lol* Not a bad thing to be at all...
I love your post about the doll clothes & all. I've got a few of my dolls & their clothes, as well as a few of my moms. Wonderful memories..

mumzy said...

Thank Heaven we are all different. It makes life interesting.

We also love birds and we have just got the hummingbirds back this past week. I have feeders just outside my front windows and really enjoy watching them.

Shashi Nayagam said...

I love watching different birds. We have blue tits and green finches and black birds and robins and even a wood pecker come and peck at the food that I have hung up. I have one in a cage and the other one just hanging. The starlings are coming and gobling the whole lot within a week. The wood pigeons are a greedy lot too but they can't get at the food but they do monopolise the water.
I don't like magpies they come and prey on the eggs and chicks of the small birds. There is a blackbirds nest in the bush in our garden I hope the magpie doesn't discover it.
Your garden must be looking lovely.
Love the beautiful beautiful patchwork you are making.

Angie in TO said...

Enjoyed the pics!
We all have a little "weirdness" in us, it's what makes us special. :)

Sally said...

Weird is good:)

Love your WIPs and the pic of the blackbird is lovely.