Tuesday, 5 May 2009

It's May

and its cold...nothing new there. It was a busy week last week. I worked three days and enjoyed it.
I have been rummaging about and found a box of dolls clothes spanning a large part of my life.
Those in this first picture were made for my dolls by my mum. The baby nighties are spare fabric from a nightdress and pyjamas she made for my sister and I. The knitted jumper and shorts were for the last doll I had as a child. Also made by my mum.

Those in the second picture I made when I was about 11 for the same doll. The blue outfit was made from my old dressing gown and the baby nightie from a remnant that I bought with my pocket money. The 'suit' I designed myself. The grey patches are not dust but where the fabric has worn out and faded over the last nearly 50 years.

Those were probably the last dolls clothes I made for quite a few years. I ventured into the world of grown up clothes in a serious way. So my next adventure with dolls clothes was Cindy clothes for my daughter.

I sewed dresses too but I think Libby must have those tucked a way in her own house.
I love the way these small items bring back so many memories. My mum made most of own dresses when I was small and knitted all our jumpers and cardigans. I was so proud of them all. Most of my sewing skills I learned from her too.

One summer holiday I decided that I had better try and use up some of my wool stash and I began knitting new clothes for the dolls and bears in residence here.

Christopher of course got a new outfit. He is now nearly 47 older even than Biddle, a little grubby but looks as good as he did when I unwrapped him all those Christmases ago

Needless to say the wool stash has not diminished! Biddle and Grace have tempted me into buying more.

I have no new work to show this week three wall pieces are in progress and I have not got a doll started yet.

I am ashamed to say that my contribution to a challenge on a doll group did not get any votes. I quite like her though. And I did vote for the one that won.


Lisa said...

What a lovely walk down memory lane with your doll clothes. I think it's just wonderful that you've gotten your love of sewing and crafting from your mother.

The little clothes are so pretty and fun!

mumzy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am adding you to my blog list as I enjoyed your doll clothes memories. It does bring back long ago memories. My Mum was a self taught seamstress and so, I never learned to sew until I moved away. I loved the doll you made too.

Sally said...

How lovely bringing out all those dolls clothes. I am useless when it comes to making clothes of any sort so I admire anyone that can. It's nice that you got your love of sewing from your Mum.