Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Cross stitch and things

I have neglected my cross stitch over the past couple of years. I am not a quick stitcher and when I see how much some stitchers can accomplish in a day, week, month I get disheartened. There is me plodding along. So I have been knitting and sewing a lot more lately. But I am determined to finish
Ye Olde Chocolate Shoppe. And she is coming along very nicely

I have all the easy bits left now so I can stitch with out too much counting ( yes I know its counted cross stitch). I have so many projects and I will hopefully get to grips with a few more. One problem I have is that we moved the table out of the front room and I haven't got anywhere to spread my stuff ( and it certainly used to spread).

My local shop had McCall patterns half price during April and it seemed a shame not to take advantage of this. I could not find a jacket pattern I liked - all too boxy, short, fitted and so Grace has benefited. I have bought a toddler patter which will be a good fit for the chest measurement but I will have to alter the length. She is one spoilt bear.This is the fabric from my stash.

It will have a plain collar and a plain facing for the sleeve ties. I am out of practice with dressmaking and this will ease me back in.

The pots in the garden are changing the spring bulbs are finishing and the summer ones I planted a few weeks ago are all showing through. The sweet pea seedlings will need planting out soon, but there is no sign of any pepper seedlings coming through in the mini greenhouse. It has been so miserable here the last week or so, with several heavy showers and even some thunder. But the garden looks fresh and clean. I just hope it warms up a bit soon. It is half term next week. To be fair I can hardly acknowledge it as I haven't work much but John is on holiday for the week and certain festivities will take place. Including a visit to Saltaire to see Seth Lakeman

so this week I will be listening to his music. Do you sing? I sing all the time. I harmonise along with various singers while listening. I join in at shows when invited with most people around me not doing. My sister used to tell me off because I used to sing out loud walking to school.

But the time to worry is when I don't sing! Singing means I am happy, singing means I am content.

I wonder what kind of singer I would like to have been. Folk, rock, opera. In my daydreams I have been them all.

Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

You can finish, I know you can. :o)

I don't sing often. When I do it's usually very quietly, so I sound like I have amazing talent, when truly, I don't. If I were to be a professional/public singer, I would choose folk singing.

Angie in TO said...

Your so crafty! I am so not, but I enjoy seeing others work,it truly is a talent.

I sing all the time, but not in front of others.

LoriRay said...

Ooooooooh, when I'm alone in the car or with my immediate family, I will sing like I'm the one that made the song famous! But in all honesty, my singing is horrid. LOL

I look forward to seeing the dress you make! :)

Sally said...

You have so much talent for all things stitchy Wendy. I can't wait to see the dress for Grace. She is one lucky bear:)

I sing when I'm happy- very badly I'm afraid!