Sunday, 31 May 2009

Holiday week

We have had a busy week. It started last Saturday John and Biddle went walking and left me to my own devices at home. I pottered about and did some sewing. Grace's dress is coming along but got neglected after the weekend. On Sunday Elizabeth and Steve came. We went to the garden centre and bought a few plants for the tubs. Then had a very nice curry. They left me a pressy bag ready for Wednesday and a present and card for Biddle.

On Bank Holiday Monday we went off to Headingley to watch a 20/20match between Yorkshire and Leicestershire. This was quite nail biting at the end but Yorkshire did manage to win. The weather was sunny to start but clouded over a bit which was better for me

Then we caught a bus to Saltaire for the Seth Lakeman concert. We had to eat too but nowhere much was open so we decided to have fish and chips and we sat in the bus shelter because there was rain in the air. The concert was great and Seth plays a mean fiddle.

Tuesday was spent at home pottering about doing not much at all.

But it was a beautiful sunny day and we walked through a variety of scenery
Wednesday the birthday was a good day. I had some brilliant presents. John bought me a book of Ashes facts and a book from the Cloud appreciation society. I am sure you have all made pictures in clouds and this book showed some really good ones. In the year 2000 John bought me a minimum/maximum thermometer for the garden. I have been recording temperatures daily since then. I have no been upgraded and have got a new gadget that is radio controlled. And can record all sorts of things now. I have also got a rain gauge/thermometer and weather vane. I haven't taken a photo of this yet.

Mum sent money and when we went to town I spent my Christmas money on a new digital radio and my birthday on a jacket for walking etc.

We then went to see Coraline

I enjoyed it immensely but think that some of the small children in the cinema might have found parts scary. After the film we went for a meal and Nando's. Biddle came too of course. I think it was his first cinema visit. We were home to watch Barcelona beat Man Utd!

Thursday was a day catching up at home doing boring stuff like washing.
On Friday we travelled by bus to The Waterton Countryside Discovery Centre in Wakefield

I cannot find a very good link to it.

We could hear lots of different types of birds singing in the trees but they were hard to spot in many cases.

Biddle enjoyed it here and found some interesting things.

The meadow of buttercups looked amazing and the woods gave us some respite from the sun

On Saturday and Sunday we caught up with some planting in the garden and John fixed up the water butt we have had in stored in the cellar for far too long. So... I can guarantee a rain-free summer, new shower-proof jacket, rain gauge and a water-butt ....

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Sally said...

Sounds and looks like you had a lovely, busy week. The countryside centre looks lovely.

Daphne said...

That countryside centre looks great and I didn't know it existed! I did some work for the NHS for Walton Hall in January and loved it. I'll plan a visit to it now - thank you!

mumzy said...

Sounds like you had an interesting week. The meadow of buttercups looks lovely. I live in the country so I do appreciate countryside pictures.