Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A mixed bag

Grace is pleased. She has a new dress. It reminds me of a couple I made Elizabeth when she was small but Grace's has short sleeves with ties.
I used a toddler pattern but chopped several centimetres off the hem. The top and the ties are lined with the fabric used for the collar.

Well my guarantee of good weather didn't work we had a day of rain at the end of last week and I measured 26mm in my rain gauge. The water-butt is full and ready for a dry spell.

These pictures show just how small our little back yard is the first one is taken from the back gate

And the second looking from near the back door towards the gate

We have been glued to springwatch over the past couple of weeks and Tia goes mad when she hears birds She walks slowly nearer and near to the tv and then one of us has to leap up and get her before she jumps up

Many of the schools here had a two week spring bank break so I was not surprised there was no work last week but I am hoping there will be at least one day this week.

I have pulled out various fabrics ready to start a challenge doll. The submit date is the end of September so I have a while. The brief is fairly open, with an autumn themed stump doll so the colours are right up my street


Lisa said...

Doesn't Grace look lovely! What a pretty dress.

And your back yard is beautiful. I love how you use containers to expand your green space.

mumzy said...

Grace looks beautiful in her new lovely dress. You must love sewing. The only sewing I love is putting a quilt top together.

Tia seems to keep you on your toes.

Sally said...

Grace looks lovely in her new dress. It is gorgeous.

LOL at Tia! We were watching it the other night and our budgie was tweating like mad at the birds!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Grace should be pleased as that is a very pretty dress you have made her. Your garden is looking lovely.

Daphne said...

The back yard looks great. I too have been glued to Springwatch and am sad now it's finished. The dress looks great too - - my knowledge of sewing is very, very low indeed and I admire those who can do it.

Anonymous said...

I missed much of Springwatch this year, and was sad that Bill oddy wasn't there.
Your garden looks lovely; bit smaller than ours but not much. We're hoping a wild swarm of bees find our new hive soon though!