Monday, 23 March 2009

Mothering Sunday

Yesterday was Mothering Sunday. Libby brought me a very nice card and flowers and a bottle of baileys. We paid a visit to the garden centre and then had take away curry for tea. The day was rounded off with an emphatic win by Liverpool. What more could I want?

But back to the term Mothering Sunday- when I was a little girl and went to Sunday School we would go and look for early primroses and make small posies to give our mums, maybe buy a card and a small gift or make a card at school. The term
Mothering Sunday

historically is a Christian event during advent when people especially girls would return home from service to their mother church (home) and families. During Victorian times girls often went into service as young as ten years old. This part of the day has now been largely over taken by the commercialism of gift buying and of course young girls are not sent off to work so young. Every year it is harder to find my mum a card saying Mothering Sunday.

Mothers' Day

in America is a different event. But I should imagine that commercialism has taken over there too.

Had a good week some work some play and finished and hung up this

and finished Grace's cardigan

She has now requested a skirt!!!

All my sewing is now up to date ( apart from the aforementioned skirt). The challenge doll photo has been submitted. I was pleased with her but still need to get to grips with faces. So what to make now?

We have had some warm sunny days but the cold wind has returned. This is the last week of GMT next Sunday we spring forward ( an event which always upsets my body clock) the days will grow longer and hopefully summer will be warmer and drier than the last couple of years.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like a lovely day, Wendy. I don't remember hearing about Mothering Sunday before. Shame that it's hard to find proper cards. Is there a Mother's Day in the UK, too?

WendyCarole said...

Mothering Sunday has been taken over by the term Mothers' Day. So we now have Mothers' Day on Mothering Sunday. We don't have the one in MAy that other countries have.

Angie in TO said...

Sounds like a lovely day! And Baileys is always welcome in this house! LOL!

I only get home once a year to see my Mom now. Going the first week of June, and she's coming back with me for a few days. We'll get lots of mother/daughter time.

I haven't got wrapped up in the whole gift giving thing for my Mom on "Mothers Day", I do send her a card and of course I call her. I always make sure we do something special together when I'm home to visit. At our age I'm more interested in making memories with her.

Lisa said...

I really love reading your posts. I envision living some day in England (even if it's for a day) and your posts are like a visit there.

I hope you had a lovely Mothering Day. Here it's been completely commercialized and never had a basis on girls returning home from service so it's really just a day for brunch and corsages.

Irene said...

Thanks for explaining Mothering Sunday, I had not heard of this before.