Monday, 30 March 2009

The value of what you create.

Why do I create things? Not for profit that's for sure. To give to others? Sometimes. To enter challenges? Occasionally. Most of the time I create things as a release from the strains and stresses of my working life and for the sheer pleasure of making them. I am pleased when others say they like them and can cope with constructive criticism ( although I usually put a negative slant on that). Which brings me to the purpose of this. There has been an animated discussion I have been following about the approach to creating. And the value/point/reason for what is created and how others perceive it.
Yes it is easy to stay within the bounds of what one finds comfortable but surely this is a personal thing? What one creates for oneself should not be devalued because it doesn't suit another person. It is perfectly acceptable to say that some thing is not one's own taste but that doesn't mean that another has to change her work to suit.

When I am ready, I move on to new things but I do it in my own time. I don't want to be competitive. From the age of six or seven I made dolls clothes, I progressed to making my own clothes, then my daughter's clothes and more dolls' clothes. I learnt that patterns don't always give the easiest of ways to assemble things and that sometimes they do. I don't make traditional dolls with extensive wardrobes because it would bring little that is new to me.(Maybe one day it will, never say never). So I make art dolls and those that I design myself I can pretend are right even if they are not perfect!

I don't want the stress of worrying whether I have done it the right way. or whether it follows the right format or whether it will be approved by those who think their way is the correct one. There is enough of that in the working part of my life. I sew to enjoy it, on a sunny day with the music on, there is nothing better than sitting with the sewing machine whirring.

Today I can show the colour exchange things I sent to my partner.

I made a bag to put it all in.

A close up of the needle case

Today I received my package I should have got it on Friday but I was working. I chose mauve shades for mine and I was not disappointed.

The buttons are particularly lovely and I am already wondering what I can use them on. As soon as I saw the wand and crown I knew who would pinch them!

Thank you Milly I love it all.

Grace requested a new skirt to go with the card in the above photograph. It is almost done. Biddle's new jumper is taken an age, Not sure why. Except that it will probably take even longer now. Yesterday, dashing down the stairs I nearly fell headlong into the coats at the bottom and as I saved myself I wrenched my neck. I spent the day in pain across my shoulders and today thought it wasn't too bad but a work to the Post Office has resulted in more pain. As long as its not a repeat of the agony I was in ten years ago I will cope but I might not be frantically knitting for a few days.

This is the last week of term, had a bit more work that I thought there might be. But it will be nice next week not having to worry about phone calls and dashing off

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Sally said...

I love the colour exchanges you sent and received.

Glad to hear you've had some more work recently. I'm glad the hols are coming up although it means we're closer to my eldest DD's A level exams!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh aren't you lucky to get such wonderful goodies.