Sunday, 15 March 2009

another week another blog post!

Its been a funny week. One where I am not sure whether I accomplished a lot or not. I did have some work so that was good and both days involved a mad rush after 8 30 in a taxi.

Several projects are completed or almost completed. I have mailed out my colour swap and will show what I did when it arrives at its destination. Grace almost has her new cardigan and she is looking forward to being featured here next time.

My challenged doll still needs few finishing touches and she can't be shown until after the end of the month.

So that leaves an almost finished wall hanging

Since taking the photographs it now has a backing and edging.

This year is whizzing past and I realised today that it will be five years on Tuesday since our very special puss Haydn died he was the most friendly puss and Tia is very similar in nature. He had suffered health problems for about half his life which were managed with medication and died aged 15.

The days seem to brightening up and its so nice to sit up here with the sun shining through the window

This is a created by the crystal similar to this John bought me one Christmas its motor is solar powered so once the sun is at its best the crystal turns and patterns fly around the walls its a most pleasing sight. I look forward in that respect to warmer days. Friday's trip to the Post Office in the sunshine resulted in blocked sinuses and a sore throat and that is the downside of warmer weather and spring flowers.

John and Biddle went out walking yesterday and you can read their adventures here

seems I have competition, he's a very clever blogging bear


Lisa said...

What a beautiful kitty Hadyn was. I'm sorry he's no longer with you. That's the hardest part about loving pets, isn't it? when they go.

I hope the coming week is happy and full of good things for you.

Angie in TO said...

We lost something very precious to each of us around the same time of year. Next Wed. is four years since my beloved cat Buster passed at 15 years of age as well. I know how you feel. Thanks for sharing.