Thursday, 5 March 2009

Plenty of time to blog

Well last week was a fluke it seems. No work this week... except that I missed a phone call on the mobile on Monday morning. I just don't use it at home I leave it in one place and hope people ring the house phone. And then on Tuesday I could've had a late booking at 9 20 but I chickened out, it was a new school and would have involved a taxi. Last time the taxi got lost and I totally panicked. I have to get over this irrational fear of taxis.

We woke up to a hard frost this morning but it turned out quite sunny

And I remembered to take a photograph of these before the begin to spoil although you can see little nibbles in some of the petals.

The spring bulbs are coming through nicely

I have managed to catch up on some sewing, just the embellishments on the challenge doll. I had face trouble as usual but have managed to make her look a bit less aggressive! I have made a gift I can't show yet and began this

That's all I am showing at the moment. I have also knitted the back of a cardigan for a very spoilt bear called Grace who already has more than her fair share, she now has a facebook page as well as Biddle and me. This takes up far too much of my time. it seems face book is trying to close down bear pages. I hadn't realised there were so many people who go on trips and photograph their bears. It is something we have done for years. Then there was a KS1 geography topic called Where in the world is barnaby bear where children can take the school bear home for a holiday and photograph him in exotic locations. I don't thin k I will be quite so secretive photographing Biddle anymore it all seems perfectly normal.

John and Biddle have started going walking at the weekend and Biddle now wants his own blog to record his adventures

Thanks if you commented last time and sorry if I didn't acknowledge it personally


Lisa said...

Oh. I hope you find more work opportunities soon. But in the meantime, a blog for Biddle sounds like fun!

The springy pictures are lovely.

Sally said...

Your spring flowers look lovely. I've got some mini daffs coming out and for the first time I've actually managed to grow snow drops!

Teena in Toronto said...

I'm not afraid of taxis ... just theirs costs! Ha!