Thursday, 1 May 2008


We have had a week with sporadic internet service finally rang Virgin and they said it was a problem that needed an engineer , booked in for yesterday when he arrived said it was a local fault not us at all!!! GRRR!

I have had some work over the last week So the creativity has slowed down a bit but here is where I am with the Chocolate Shop

I had to redo Mother nature's head as it began to fray when I was stuffing


This one is much better. I have done a rough idea of facial features but these will change by the time she is finished. There is an update on the rest of her here

I have been making leaves to dress her with I need about 40 of these altogether but I have to get some more wadding before I can make them all.

Do you ever lose something you use an awful lot? I cannot find either pair of my hermostats which is a disaster as I used them all the time to turn limbs leaves etc. No doubt there will turn up.

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