Monday, 14 April 2008

New things

I have began The chocolate shop. I bought the chart when I went to Birmingham in March. I thought stitching all things choccie would be better for the waistline! I haven't done all that much because I am busy with other stuff as well. Can you see which bit I have stitched? LOL

I had left my new Mother Nature for a bit but I am back on track with her and mainly stuff her large body and trunk. I have quite a varied selection of fabrics now and can begin to make all the leaves. I shall need 30/40 altogether. My pattern says there are six different ones but I can only account for five Some are quite similar but I might be able to work out which I am missing from the original one I made. I am making her as a winter themed doll (yes I know most trees do not have leaves in winter but this is fantasy land.

I entered a doll in the Goth doll challenge on one of my groups. She only got one vote ( thank you who ever you were) but seeing the standard of all the others I am not surprised. You can see mine here

It took ages to get photos that showed all the features and I think I need a better camera. Any way I enjoyed making her and I know I am not in the same league as the other ladies on the group!

I am hoping to do a bit more to the reorganising of my stash. Morrisons had containers half price and although they are really food ones they are about the right size for a few more bits and pieces.

No work today but I have plenty to do here.


Sally said...

Mmmm now that looks like a cake to me!! Nice place to start!

WendyCarole said...

well done sally my stitching must be ok

Renee said...

YUMMY chocolate cake!!!!