Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Happy Birthday Biddle

and me too.

Biddle shares my birthday. He is 43 years old today. You can find out why we both have the same birthday here

Each year John takes us on a trip somewhere and because Liverpool is the European city of Culture this year we decided to have a return trip there. We went yesterday because there was a good selection of entertainment for the Bank Holiday

Biddle really likes Liverpool and this year we visited the Catholic Cathedral its has to be the best modern building ever built.

The picture does not give you an idea of the space inside. There are good photos here

We had a very nice lunch in a Chinese restaurant and then went to see some of the street entertainers.
The hair stylists were amazing and have given me plenty of ideas for doll hair designs.

Yesterday I thought I had a really bad case of hay fever but by the end of the day it was obvious that it was a summer cold. This is most unfair because I spent the whole of Christmas feeling yuck with a cold too.

Having had very little work over the past few weeks I had four days last week and I have been offered half a term's work from next week. So that will take the pressure off money wise for a bit and fund the summer holidays.

I haven't updated the photographs of Ye Olde Chocolate Shoppe but it is coming along nicely
Mother Nature now has a skirt and I shall update her photographs this week while I am on half term holiday.

My sister sent me a very nice bag but as you can see somebody else likes it too! Biddle is wearing his new birthday jumper.

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Terri M said...

Sounds like a fun trip! So, Biddle thinks you share presents, too? ;o)