Friday, 28 December 2007

Where has the year gone?

I can't believe it's nearly 2008. Where has the time gone? School has been busy this last term. And December just flew past.

John and I went to Elizabeth's for Christmas. which was very good except I had a cold from Christmas Eve. I knew I would as I had held out for the term. We came home with a new addition to the family. Tia a little female cat that needed a place to live. So much for our agreeing to have a kitten sometime in the future. She has settled in well.

I had an ele Christmas with all sorts of elephants. Which was OK because I really like them.
I also had a really inspiring book called Finding your own Visual Language
John bought it when we went to the Knitting and Stitching show at Harrogate. It looks really exciting.

I have all manner of things planned for 2008 and I wonder how many of the will come to fruition?
I have decided to make a new Mother Nature tree in a Winter theme so I will have to start sort out some stash for that. I have patterns for several wall hangings that I want to do and doll patterns a plenty. So we shall see. Oh! And I must try to keep this a bit more up to date. HAHA

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