Saturday, 3 November 2007

New Clothes

Biddle is now the proud owner of yet another jumper. I think he has more than I have got! Its a maroon variegated yarn. Although it looks more pink in the photographs I took. I am hoping he has sufficient to keep him going for a while.

A while ago my daughter came back from a visit to the Isle of Skye with Mrs Badger who belongs to my sister. Mrs badger was in a sorry state her legs had came away from her body and she was in need of a good meal. So I re-stuffed her and sewed her back together. (sorry forgot to take photos of the state she was in, I think she was too traumatised to cope with photos). I then decided perhaps she deserved a new set of clothes. So I unpicked her old ones to make a pattern.

After discussions with Mrs Badger it was decided that she would have a new set of clothes in autumnal colours. I was quite pleased about that as the stash cupboard is full of fabric in autumn colours. So she is now the proud owner of a new outfit.

Peeping out from under her skirt you can just see her new bloomers

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~ Sadie Jo's Mama ~ said...

Wendy, Biddle looks quite dashing in his new jumper. Good to hear that Mrs. Badger received some TLC from you and she looks very happy with her new dress and bloomers. Cheers, Toni