Sunday, 17 January 2016


Afterweeks of rain and unseason weather we now have some snow.
 The first tw were taken last night from the window.

 A thrush visited to feed from the berry bush. I went out later to brush the snow off to make it easier
 We have a couple of centimetres.

 and it all looks rather pretty.

Earlier in the day I took these two feasting
 A female blackbird and a thrush.

The male preferred mealworms on Friday.

The photo was taken through the kitchen window.


mrsnesbitt said...

Amazingly we've missed the snow HOWEVER the roads are trecherous so I am quite happy for hubby to do any driving. We only travel to the beach about 3 miles away, the local co-op then home.

Julie said...

We had a dose of the white stuff too. DH and I enjoyed some time on the park with granddaughter and the sledge lol.

Sally said...

So lovely to see the snow if only in photos! We didn't get any here unfortunately. I live in hope but rain and milder temps are coming again. Yuck!