Wednesday, 25 November 2015


It turned much colder at the weekend. We even had a bit of snow during Saturday night

I know there isn't very much but at least I can say we have had some this winter.
Today  my friend Terri opened the parcel I sent her. I managed to time it for her birthday so now I can show the photos.

She liked it so I was pleased.  I have woven two similar pieces of cloth and  back in the summer after I  had knitted the handle for this bag and backed it with the fabric I realised that I had used the wrong fluffy yarn. They are very similar but different enough to notice so I had to take the handle apart and start again. Luckily a handle is only about 10 stitches wide and I use 6mm needles so it did not take too long to redo it.

The piece of weaving that is currently on the loom is now finished. For the next piece I am going to try out a technique I found on You Tube.

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Julie said...

A very lovely handmade gift, they are the best gifts to receive.
Brrr the white stuff....