Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Growing things

I have got a new mini greenhouse. A few weeks ago I planted up some seed trays but disaster struck and the whole greenhouse blew over in the strong winds.  I shoved the soil back into the trays and the result is a mixture of vsrious seedlings and some cat grass.

What's in here then?
We have since moved the greenhouse to the other wall where it is  less likely to be blown by the wind but  more vulnerable to "attacks" from the lad next door. I have planted up some more trays and shall hope for the best.
 I have missed getting a photograph of these at their best.
The geranium is from last year and has survived due to the milder winter. It is covered in new buds.
The rhubarb has gone berserk. We won't be eating it though. Too many cats have been around that piece of ground.

John has fixed up the new bird feeder holder. It is much better now they are not dangling from the washing line.


Soggibottom said...

We had the same problem with the mini greenhouse. In the end it was held down with bricks :-) You can go slug hunting under the bricks :-) Lovely to see your garden looking so active Wendy :-) x x x

Shashi Nayagam said...

The birds are in a feeding frenzy in our garden. Their little ones have hatched, I can hear them. Saw a cat prowling around hope it doesn't get them. Much as I love cats I hate this nature of them. Nature is cruel sigh.