Saturday, 9 November 2013

Autumn walk.

John has been on holiday for part of this week so we have been out and about.
On Thursday we went to the Yorshire Sculpure Park. We usually only visit in the summer

There was a mixture of colours.
The day we visited in August Octupus was being spruced up
He looks very bright now.
We must visit these pieces at the end of our walk in future
I expect you can guess why!
The galleries were between exihibtions so we hope to go back in the winter.

On Friday we visited Lister park in Bradford. We took bird food to feed the ducks
 We had to chase off the pigeons

Does any one knowwhat  this is?There were several and one was pecking another quite vigourously.
Half way around the lake we came to an entrance with a corporation notice telling us the there is a £75 penalty for feeding the birds because food lying about encourages rats. I cannot imagine it hanging around long enough to enourage anything.

The trees looked lovely


Sally said...

Gorgeous photos Wendy. How strange about not feeding! Seems a little silly as they eat it up rather quickly!

Soggibottom said...

There are some places you need to go in Autumn and looks like this was the place :-) x x x

Angela said...

It's a coot, they have white, Moorhens have red xxxx