Thursday, 31 October 2013

What connects

This little pot of yellow balls
and my bird feeder?
Answer: the next door neighbour. Who has a pellet gun and got bored with trying to hit a tin can on his wall. He decided my feeders or maybe even the birds were much more exciting.
You can see one hiding in the seed. The feeder was fgull of holes and I have had to get a new one. Which was a shame because it was really easy to take apart to clean.

Here is a little chap we saw marching up the wall the other day.
By the time I got outside he was hiding under the wall ledge and the next day he had gone.
I don't do Hallow e'en but here are a few witches

Most of them have gone to good homes so I hope they are out and about today.


Sally said...

That is not nice of your neighbour at all.

Cute furry caterpillar.

Love your witches.

Mary Ann said...

What a rotten neighbour. I hope you got a metal feeder.

Soggibottom said...

HA, I think you do secretly do All Hallows Eve. Your dolls are just beautiful, I know you make great dolls. As for the idiot you live near, hum maybe you could put up a rebounding pellet proof bird feeder up. Rebounding his way obviously...
Want me to send up Frankie de tabby to sort him out ?
Not funny though, I hate anyone who is stupid enough to sell these stupid guns let alone the idiots who have the urge to fire the blasted things. Lovely little caterpillar, find somewhere snug.
:-) xxx

mrsnesbitt said...

Little sod!

Angie in T.O. said...

I loved everything in your post, except the part about your knucklehead neighbor! GRRR!!!

mumzy said...

That neighbor needs to find another hobby. Your witches are so cute.

Hopefully, I will get back into blogging now. I did not have the heart to blog after Cathey got sick, plus I was taking care of her and her little boy when her husband was at work. I miss her so very much and maybe by blogging I will feel closer to her.