Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Everything is finally growing.

In the garden
 the sweet peas are coming through
 my viola that I bought back when it was still too cold looks beautiful
and the teeny tiny  Dianthus we grew last year  are in bud. I have planted some bedding plants  too over the last few days.

The allotment is looking great

 Rows of potatoes
 wigwams of peas

and broad beans.

It all looks so different from from  late June 2010

I am in charge from tomorrow until John has recovered from his surgery.

My football shirt is back from the framers. I am really pleased with it. Sorry about the reflections.


Angela said...

It all looks great. My tatties are only just peeking through. Love the shirt!

Mary Ann said...

Everything looks wonderful. We have had so much rain that everything is sprouting like crazy. Can't get the grass cut though...oh well:)

Shashi Nayagam said...

I have missed so much and your most important date too. Our garden is in full bloom but sadly found out when I returned from India that my tree peony was dying. Don't know why so I am guessing maybe due to lack of rain.