Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bits and pieces

 As part of the birthday celebrations last week we went to  the annual Saltaire Arts Trail.  (twice) There were many houses open to the public with various types of art to look at. I  was particularly interested in the the weaving of Chrissie Freeth I cannot imagine I will ever be able to weave patterns like this. I would have bought one of the pin cushions for sale but they smelt of lavender  and as much as I like lavender my throat does not.

We also went to the makers' fair and there were a mixture of stalls but on Saturday I did not buy anything. On Monday I  had a  long chat to Anne Brooke she make the most amazing pictures with dandelion clock themes. I bought a card and a felted pot that reminds me of  a little boot.

There were quite a few new makers this year and while it is good to see new people I missed some of those I had seen in previous years. I always feel guilty not  be able to buy from everyone. They put such  a lot of work into everything they make.
We also visited another house that was not part of the Official Arts trail. This was full of prints by the artist Steve Harrington-Simpson we chose one of the scribble flower prints complete with frame. It now hangs above the fire place.

 Everything on this wall now apart from the cat in the long frame is stitched by me or an artists print.

I have some pieces of work on the go I found this lovely fabric and decided to make a summer themed hanging.

These two elephant hangings are from a pattern I bought in Harrogate last year. I am having trouble deciding what fabric  to finish them.  

This is  the latest piece just off the loom.

Lately I have been spending loads of time at the allotment. We have been trying to get sorted out before his operation next week.


angela said...

looks very interesting.

Mary Ann said...

Your last bit of weaving is lovely and you look like you have quite a few interesting projects on the go:)

Houseelf said...

So many interesting projects. The elephants are beautiful. What about an African themed border? Thanks for popping in. I am now here: