Thursday, 22 November 2012

Christmas makes

I have been making a few little chaps read for Christmas

They are from various magazines I have collected over the years. The lady with the hat is actually a miniature version because i could get the scanner to increase by 200%. Well it did but what I did not realise was that each pattern piece had to be increased separately to get the correct size. But I like the small version even though parts were a bit fiddly. The days of nimble fingers have long gone.
Snowman is made from felt however I have bought some fleece just incase I fancy making a few more.

If you read My Tate Gallery you may have seen her video of the 10 minute table runner. Well I gave it a go. It is quick and easy but probably took more than ten minutes as I tried to get equal borders before I pressed it. I used the width of the fabric for the length and an 18 inch and 12 inch strip. I might do some smaller ones too.  Thank you Mary Anne.

I just need to add some button trims to anchor the flap.

We are waiting for the next big rain. I feel guilty worrying about my cellar when Soggibottom has had so much to contend with over the last six weeks. I hope you are all OK.

I have been blogging six years now it is interesting looking back over that time.

Many thanks if you read this and  if you comment  I will know you have been


Mary Ann said...

Your makes are so sweet Wendy. I think the smaller scale is better. Kudos to you for trying the runner. That's next on my list:) I feel so bad for Soggibottom. I hope the next lot of rain doesn't cause her any more grief.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Those are sweet projects and yes I was thinking of all in the South west affected by the rain. Last night was a bad night so much of rain and wind.

Angie in T.O. said...

I enjoy going back and reading my posts from years back, it's like a journal of sorts.

I like the snowman. :)