Tuesday, 11 September 2012


It has seemed strange not getting ready for school this September. Back around Easter time I decided I would apply for my state pension as I was entitled to claim it from July. This would mean that if there was no tutoring I would not have to face supply teaching.

 So I began to clear out all my old school stuff work sheets I had kept for years and would probably never use again as now you are a failure unless you use an interactive white board. I thought about sending my "school clothes to the charity shop." Then in June it seemed that there would be some more tutoring so I sort of geared myself up to going back however it was cancelled the last week of the summer term. I can't say that I was disappointed.

 I am also the owner of a senior bus pass. It means I can pop to town without having to justify spending £3 60. It also came in very handy on holiday. But I wish all bus companies used the same method. Some give you a ticket, some don't, some card readers are on the top of the ticket machine , some on the side. The school clothes are now in a pile, the recycling bin is full of old work sheets and out of date education magazines. And I am wondering how I fitted in going to work.

Tia has found a new box to play in. She doesn't spend loads of time there but everynow and again she leaps in and settles down for some peace and quiet.

I have made a new pair of mittens. The yarn is Sirdar summer stripes
almost half of the palm side of one mitten is one colour but there is a good assortment of colours in the rest.

We have visitors in the garden as long as they only attack the nasturtiums I don't mind!


Angela said...

Love those mittens,any chance you can knit me another pair. I wore mine most days during the winter whenthey weren't in the washing machine. Enjoy your retirement, I'm looking forward not having to trundle off to work every evening.xx

Sally said...

Enjoy your retirement Wendy.

Love those mittens.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Enjoy , life begins now. Imagine all that you can accomplish especially the things you love to do. Love the mittens

Mary Ann said...

It took me awhile to get used to retirement but now I'm glad I did it:)