Thursday, 20 September 2012


it isn't over warm at the moment. We went out last night and I took my scarf with me. If this carries on it will be a long winter. The only consolation will be that the sinuses will settle down and less painful.

Sewphie the stitcher now has stuff in her pockets:

and a rather cute pin cushion.
I must admit I could do with a dress with pockets  like that to stick bit and pieces in.
I might have said before Sewphie is a Magic Threads pattern. All of the patterns are straightforward and easy to follow. There might be the odd part that is fiddly but they are easy instructions to work out.
I have various projects that I am looking into at the moment.  I am amazed how difficult some  pattern are to use. One in particular proved awkward and I knew it wouldn't work. But I carried on only to give up and do it the way I knew would work. Experience does count in the end.


Anonymous said...

She's so cute!

Sally said...

I adore her! She is so sweet.

I am sitting here with my fleece on and big fluffy slippers. It is rather chilly!

Shashi Nayagam said...

She is adorable! Love her

Mary Ann said...

So sweet:)I know what you mean. Sometimes you just know something won't work.

I'm sitting here freezing and I'm wearing my long extra thick fleecy house coat...brrrr. I've put a woolen blanket on the bed too...LOL I want to put the heat on but the peanut gallery say I'm nesh:(