Saturday, 24 September 2011


Last Saturday we went back to Saltaire for the vintage fair. This caught my eye

just the right colour for our kitchen table. It is square but fits the table corner-wise. We intend to spend more time in the kitchen this winter. Hopeful to safe some money on the heating bill.
John potted this and although we liked it and it was not very expensive we did not buy it. However we went back just as every one was packing away and it was still there so we decided we were meant to have it.

I also bought these. They had been made by the vendor from vintage fabric

I have often wondered about buying one of those nifty little gadgets for making bias binding. There was a good choice of designs.

During the week I had the back door open and had a visit from Magic aka Sparky

He used to visit all the time but the door is not often left open because of Tia. So he usually suns himself on the rabbit hutch or the bench. he is the only cat I know who has no interest in birds. He wanders past pigeons as if they were not there.

Thursday was John's birthday and I made him an owl.

I told him I did not buy him at the craft fair. He was surprised when I said I had designed and made him. Actually all in a rush because I had left it extremely late!

We had a lovely sunset during the week which must have been country wide by the number of people tweeting about a wonderful sunset. The photo does not it justice.(I had left the flash on).

Forgot to mention last time Elsie has a friend

made of course by Swirly Arts

Thank you for the comments last time. They are really appreciated.


Lyn said...

we had that same sunset! the owl was a lovely gift and you got yourself some good buys from the craft fair. I have not been to Saltaire for a while.

Anonymous said...
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Soggibottom said...

Looks like Sparky :-) knows when he is onto a good thing. Adore the look of John's owl. Think he needs another to take with him, to keep him company at the allotment.
:-) x x x

Sally said...

The owl is so cute and I love your finds.

Pumpkin said...

Is John's owl ever sweet! They seem to be the 'in' thing this year :o)