Wednesday, 7 September 2011


On Saturday we went to Sowerby Bridge to see the Rushbearing parade

It was very good and we came to the conclusion its a bit of an excuse for a pub crawl. Each time they stopped it was at a hostelry and those pulling the part partook of an alcoholic beverage. By the time they left the Station stop they were not pulling the cart as carefully.

I bought a badge

And we watched the dancing

Traditional dancing is often portrayed in England as a figure of fun and derision but I really enjoyed it

On Sunday John came back from the allotment with this bounty

This coming weekend and the following one is the Saltaire Festival

On the 10th there a Craft Market and the following week end the food market. Something to look forward too.


Shari said...

it sounds as if you are having a fun time lately & to come...lots of activities to take part in!!!! And the produce looks great!!!!

Cathy at PotterJotter said...

It may be a figure of fun and derision for some, but I think it's what makes England great. It is unique, quirky and sometimes a bit mind-boggling!