Monday, 25 July 2011

Travelling, growing knitting

Last Saturday we went to Kent for the day to see my mum. Stupidly although I took the camera to show her pictures of our allotment I didn't get a photo of us together. I completely forgot. We travelled by coach to London leaving here at 5 45 caught a train to Sevenoaks spent a couple of hours with my mum and then came back arriving at 00:15 it was a long day but worth it. It might seem a long way to go for such a short visit but mum is 84 now and not up to long involved visit.

Grace is pleased with her new cardi

We have baby cherry tomatoes

Loads of broad beans and two mange tout

Since Saturday we have not seen as much of the gold finches but last week a youngster visited. he does not have the coloured head of the adults (click photo)

The caterpillars have arrived

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Pumpkin said...

Grace looks lovely in her new sweater :o)

Sally said...

Grace looks very smart in her sweater.

Shashi Nayagam said...

What a cute little sweater for Grace.
As for the mange tout well somethng is better than nothing lol!

mumzy said...

Nice looking veggies. Glad to see you had a nice visit with your Mum. I appreciate the fact that your visits are not long as I do the same with my Mum - she will be 92 in a few days.

Grace looks lovely in her new sweater.