Saturday, 30 July 2011

summer time

well a bit of sun anyway! No school until September so endless days of... housework sewing, reading and going mad with the washing machine. It is that time of year when I wash curtains, covers, anything that sits still for too long really. Tia watch out! I expect house proud folk wash their curtains every few months but if you could see the clambering I have to do you would understand.
Down at the allotment we have teeny tiny runner beans

Biddle went down for lunch and to check up on things with Gardiner Bunny

Early the other morning a visitor popped by... idea at all who he is.

Maybe he fancied a nibble of Tia's grass.

No sewing to show all secret

Must dash washing to hang out!

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mumzy said...

Could your visitor be Tia's secret friend!!!