Saturday, 9 July 2011


... a week has gone already. We had a great time on Sunday when we went to Headingley to a 20/20 cricket match. It was hot and sunny for a change. Sadly Yorkshire lost but that was no surprise as they always do when we go there. No photos this year.

It was also our wedding anniversary. John and I have now been married 18 years. I am amazed he has put up with me for so long!

Can you guess what these are?

They germinate really quickly.
We do not seem to have many nasturtiums this year although I planted loads

I have not much on the go and the moment so to justify watching tennis and Le Tour I thought I better have some knitting

so Grace is getting a new jumper.

Biddle and Tia share the settee yesterday just as well John was at work its his seat.


Sally said...

I like the wool you're using for Grace's new jumper :)

soggibottom said...

Congratulations on your wedding Aniversary .... doesn't time fly ?
It's when you look back at old photo's you realise it really does :-) x x x
Hi Tia, don't make Biddle wet with all those kisses and cuddles !

mumzy said...

Hope you had a very Happy Anniversary. Amazing how fast time flies by. DH and I will be married 45 years at the end of this month - how fast it has gone by.

Pumpkin said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary to you and your DH Wendy! May you have many more :o)

I love nasturtiums!