Thursday, 30 June 2011

more finches

Well the finches have more than doubled. Yesterday I saw five! Squabbling away, being selfish over feeding and messy feeders they are too as more food ends up on the ground than in them! The thistle seeds are so fine than no other bird seems interesting in them so here's the question can I re use the seed?

There are only four birds i never did manage to get the fifth in shot.
I had a busy Sunday afternoon de-weeding the flags

And now they look neat and tidy

for a bit anyway.

We are eating more produce from the allotment

and in a break between bird visits magic came t say hello

July tomorrow where has half a year gone?


Angela said...

I have had some siskins feeding on the thistle seeds and goldfinches too. Your produce looks delicious. My courgette plants have been decimated by slugs but purple sprouting is lovely. Ollie dug up my potatoes but they were nearly ready. Ange xxx

mumzy said...

We too have goldfinches at our feeders and agree they are messy. Your veggies look great.

Pumpkin said...

Your veggies look delicious :oP