Friday, 10 December 2010

It's going...

... the snow that is. Suddenly yesterday afternoon the temperature rose and it was drip drip everywhere. I had taken a precarious journey to school it had taken 30 minutes instead of less less than the fifteen I am used to walking. I fear today will be worse as most of the pavements are solid ice and will not have melted yet.

We have gone from this last Friday

yes that is almost -10C to this

much as I like snow the ice was becoming a nuisance and dangerous.

I received a lovely package during the week. It was my swap ornament I wish my eyes allowed me to do such delicate work.

Thank you Terri

I have been buy finishing off things the angels are complete

and the second bird dangly is ready to hang. It looks pretty much the same as the giveaway one.

My tree is dressed

I am pleased with it however we had to buy a new set of lights both sets went away working but one is not any more. What do they do over the year?

Most of the other bits and pieces are out

The ceiling trimmings will go up at the weekend. John gets the unenviable task of clambering up the ladder.

I have begun stitching a Shepherd's Bush Christmas piece I am determined it will be done for next year! It has been kitted up since last year. I am not sure what I shall be sewing next. The Mother Nature doll pattern has been calling me for a spring version.

Thanks for spending time here


Pumpkin said...

Glad to hear that your snow is going. Still green grass here although it has been in the minus digits the past few days. Will warm up come Monday though :o)

Your angels are adorable! Love your Christmas decor :o)

Terri did a lovely job as always.

soggibottom said...

Lovely sparkly tree Wendy.... NOT FOR CATS TIA.....
I have someone who loves to climb into the attic... well, he doesn't actually, but he will this weekend :-) x x x

John said...

Ladder out and now put away again.

Anonymous said...

The snow came here! I'm hopeful your ornament came on Saturday. I haven't been to the mailbox to check. It's been snowing too much. I'm being superstitious--if I don't check the box every day, it will come. *fingers crossed*

Sally said...

What a lovely stocking and your tree looks lovely.

More snow to come at the end of the week. Think we better be prepared for a long, hard winter!

mumzy said...

The weather has been really weird everywhere this year. It was 11 degrees centigrade yesterday and today, they are calling for -11 degrees.

Love your Christmas decorations and those ornaments are sweet.