Thursday, 6 May 2010

Allotment/garden update

I finally made it down to the allotment. John had more than he could carry so it was a good opportunity to take some photos. What change from when we first took over the plot John now has two beds one with green shoots and early potatoes. The other ready for main crop potatoes that were planted later the same day.

As you can see Biddle and Gardener Bunny inspected to make sure all was well.

They were looking forward to some of this rhubarb until John explained that it should not be picked in its first year.

The apple tree has some lovely blossom and we are wondering if it will fruit. It is a bit of an old battered tree so maybe not.

John had put up feeders for the birds, the one containing peanuts has been stolen. We know that because it was tied on with a piece of rope. Unless of course a squirrel untied it and took away the container.

Flushed with a successful inspection of the allotment our intrepid two turned their attention to the back yard. ( or walled courtyard in estate agent speak!) To avoid wet paws the sat on the bird cage

However gardener decided that she might get better view from the pieris

She saw an intriguing container for a tomato

newly planted sweetpeas

and a view of everything

well almost

here is the view facing the other way.

When I came home though the back way yesterday everything looked so lush and green, so much more pleasant than the yards filled with junk that surround us.

My owl cross stitch is almost completed. I am very pleased with it. It is a shame I have to post it off really.

thanks for dropping by


Shashi Nayagam said...

With those extra hands to help you around the garden the garden is certainly looking lovely.
Your stiching is beautiful. Where is it going?

mumzy said...

The Owl is gorgeous. Your allotment is coming along great too.

Sally said...

Your owl is lovely. I don't think I'd want to part with it either.

Looks as though the allotment is coming along well. Biddle and Gardener Bunny look like they're having fun :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing progress on the allotment! Well, done, John! Your garden looks wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished owl.

Pumpkin said...

Even MORE plants! Wow! We are thinking of one of those tomato plants as well :o)

Your owl is beautiful Wendy! Where is he going?

Angela said...

Hi there

You have been busy . I commiserate with John but my little seedlings haven't even grown. the only thing that is growing well is the grass and weeds. Not nice about the thefts though.

Little gifts will being winging there way to you and Biddle soon.

Ang xxxx