Thursday, 3 December 2009

December is here again

Where did the year go? Time to get out the tree and decorations once more. We decorate early. This is a tradition that goes back to when my children were small. The rule was that the tree could not go up before Oliver's birthday ( our then cat). He was bought from the pet shop December 6th 1982. Elizabeth was 5 and at school where she discovered some of her friends' trees were up at the end of November. Well this rule has stuck and so this week end I will put up the tree. I love decorating and I am very selfish about it, John gets to climb the ladder and pin up the dangly bits. This year it has a new position in our front room because earlier this year John moved his computer to the tree's traditional spot. I don't think it will mind. The decorations can now look across the room and of the window. I have cheated a bit because the snowmen and textile Santas and angels are out too.

I think the wall over the fireplace looks the same as last year!
Tia has been up to no good! John bought a cat advent calendar at the week end which she discovered and tried to claw open. We have hidden it! Here she is collecting the goodies from day two.

I had a nice surprise earlier in the week when I spotted a wren. She hopped through the bushes and into the wall baskets before flying off. I don't know if she was the same one as last year or even if she is a she. I only saw her the once last December. It's luck really being in the right place at the right time. John and I were discussing this morning how much bird activity there is at the front of our house and if one had the time to sit and watch for an hour how much one would see.

I can now post a picture of the ornament I sent to Milly

I was really pleased with the result and wanted to keep it. How closely did you look at the one I received? Have another look at reindeer's body!

Those stitches are not random. John thought it was very clever.
I should be making a few things for presents but I can't find anything that grabs me which is a nuisance to say the least.
I have finished my 3 afternoon a week sessions tutoring. Which I enjoyed immensely. The good news I am going back after Christmas to work with 6 more children. I have got two more Saturdays before Christmas to do before we break for the Christmas holidays. I have survived another calendar year with not too much work. Although the tutoring doesn't bring in large amounts of monetary gain it is better than nothing and rewarding in other ways.

You will have noticed that I haven't mentioned the allotment. No, it hasn't been abandoned but it was so wet last week end John didn't get any work done. Hopefully this weekend might be different.
Ooooh! Nearly forgot, Moriarty is snug in his new scarf.

I used both yarns from his jumper (which were 4 ply) and knitted them together. he is very pleased.

haven't forgotten the blog draw and have noted down those who commented. I hope to get it together with a small made gift for the winner but if I am delayed I shall prolong the suspense!

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Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh how lovely and festive it is looking. We too have a tradition of putting the Christmas tree up on Advent. So mine is up too. Your cat looks so cute and what a clever little kitty she is.
Love your little ornaments they are lovely.

Shari said...

your decorations look great!!! Love Moriarty's scarf!!! too cute!!!!!

mumzy said...

Smart kitty. Lovely ornaments and what a great job with Moriarty's scarf.

soggibottom said...

What draw?
See...last again.