Tuesday, 24 November 2009


I cannot believe that my first blog post was in November 2006. The first post just a note to say that I had taken the plunge. This November I have helped my sister start her own. I have had a lovely weekend, Angela is on her "Grand Tour" and has travelled from Skye to Birmingham, to Bradford, and now on to London and Kent.

It is several years since I saw my "little" and only sister. We are two years apart in age, most people realise we are sisters because we look quite a like but I am taller. We grew up having very different likes and dislikes, Angela enjoys cooking, gardening, spiders and the natural world in general, preferred boys toys. I was much more girly, sewing knitting, no interest in baking, scared stiff of spiders. I drove her mad singing on the way to school on several occasions.

We were meant to take photos while she was here but somehow never got around to it.

This one was taken at Libby's wedding. Libby and Steve came down on Saturday and we went to the Kashmir for a tasty curry.
Due to the amount of rain and visitors over the weekend the allotment has not progressed since my last update. Angela was impressed with what has been done so far. The council contractors have now cleared all of the neglected right up to the back of ours. It all looks very open and accessible now.

Moriarty and Trophy Mouse did not go off with Angela when she left on Monday morning. They will now be staying much longer. This might involve more knitting.

I have some more tutoring work in the new year so I will be able to feed the bank account for a while longer.

No creating this past seven days. I hope to busy at the weekend as tutoring is cancelled for Eid

Thanks for popping by and thanks if you leave a message. Hopefully I will be sorting out a blogoversary surprise. I shall choose from the commentors.


Shashi Nayagam said...

Congratulations on your blogoversary!!

soggibottom said...

You look really happy in each other's company, aw x x x
Time goes by quicker than the wind.

gill said...

bet you're glad moriarty and trophy mouse are still warm and safe with you with all the terrible weather!!

Tweed Delights said...

I hope you have a busy weekend crafting! Thank you for commenting on my tweed jackets - they were made 'many moons' ago! :)

middleangel said...

What a lovely bloggy page

Thank you too for a super weekend

I'm back to sorting lots of stuff which have gone wrong xxxxx

Shari said...

again, late! Happy Blogoversary!!!!!

soggibottom said...

Yes, very happy belated blogoversary.
xxx ....last but not least x x x