Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The weather has lost its summer feel and we are back to rain and wind. This is not good because today we found a slate has slipped on the roof and its a couple of days until someone can come and access the damage.
The birds are loving the new front feeder and we are visited by sparrows starlings and baby blue tits. They all seem to live in the tree outside our house and the one opposite.

This little chap was hanging for ages nibbling away then was not sure how to fly of just let go and hoped for the best

The starlings are great bullies and squabble like naughty children. Occasionally a bird will come across from the tree and his mate on the feeder will fly off with him. You can imagine the conversation "Mum says you've got to come home right now"

I have been quite busy sewing wise I have painted my witches face and now have to work out a way of attaching the lengths I have for her hair. I have an idea I want to try out for something a bit different.

I have made a small hanging and used the fabric, buttons and thread from the colour exchange I participated in a while back

I am pleased with it. The cat pattern is from the same set as This House is Blessed with a Cat.But the paws I mine (well not mine, I have hands, but you know what I mean)

Talking of cats Tia is spending the majority of her day on the window sill bird watching

Until the weekend I did not have any personal knowledge of any one with swine flu. There are several cases at John's work Then I had a phone call from the daughter say she has succumbed. Several colleagues and pupils at her school have it. She has asthma so is taking tammiflu. So I hope its straightforward and she doesn't get any complications. Libby is well known for complications! Nothing is ever straight forward where she is concerned She came six weeks early and its gone on from there.

Its lovely being school free, the main part knowing the phone will not ring to send me off some where. One of the last comments asked what I would do if I didn't supply teach. Well that is the big question, teaching was my major career change, I am 58, it's a recession, so nothing looks too hopeful. I shall have to take it a bit at a time and see what happens.

It has been a good week for sport. So good in fact that I had to keep taking bits of sewing down stairs to do in front of the tv to see the Tour de France. I could listen to the cricket on the radio. Then yesterday the cricket was over by lunchtime, Le Tour was a rest day and I did'nt have any sewing that needed the machine, typical!

I have plenty to keep me busy over the next few weeks and John has some holiday soon

Thanks for dropping by and the comments are always welcomed


Sally said...

Love your cat wallhanging Wendy. It's gorgeous.

Enjoy the holidays. It seems a really long one this time

Shashi Nayagam said...

So sorry to hear that your daughter has succumbed to the flu. It is worrying if people who get have had other health problems.
Hope she will get well soon.
Your bird photo is lovely and the cat looks so cute.

Pumpkin said...

Oh no Wendy! I hope your daughter will be alright :o( Please keep us informed.

Love to see pictures of your birds and hear the stories you have. I want to put a feeder up but DH won't until later on. We have lots around and I'm starting to learn who sounds like what. LOL!

Love your wall hanging. As always, you've got talent ;o)

Daphne said...

I hope your daughter will be okay again soon.
We've had a family of jays on the lawn eating some food I put out - they're beautiful birds and great to watch.

mumzy said...

I hope your daughter has gotten over that miserable flu by now. It is always a worry for us Mothers.

Your cat hanging is so cute and the pictures of your cat looking out the window and the one of the bird are wonderful.

Lyn said...

I also love the cat wall hanging. Hope your daughter gets better soon.

Jackie said...

We are the same age!
I will never go back into a primARY SCHOOL CLASSROOM.(That wasn't meant to be in caps but I think I'll leave it!)