Thursday, 12 February 2009

we still have snow

but its is gradually going.

This was taken on Monday when our cleared path was covered up again. But now that has gone and we have more flag stones than snow.

Our discovered this little flower all snuggled down. i think its a winter cyclamen that I planted several years ago.

I have had a busy non creative week. Monday was my usual trip to sign on. Then On Tuesday I finally got to visit the special school that had cancelled twice due to the snow. It was a really interesting visit and I was invited back on Wednesday to work as a support, which made a change from doing the actually teaching although did teach the first lesson. Designing wrapping paper using repeating patterns to a class of seven boys with varying degrees of behaviour problems. The school is for children who cannot manage in mainstream school because of their behaviour. It was a good day but I don't know if it will lead on to anymore work. This morning I went to a school the other side of the city and taught year 6 numeracy and year 3 PE. Just a morning's work but better than nothing.

The snow may be going but it has been incredibly icy and has turned much colder. I can hear the wind whistling through the window.

Next week is half-term so I am hoping that something will turn up before Easter. I realised yesterday and then again today that I quite like going to work and the pupils I met on Wednesday although challenging were great to work with.

Thanks for your comments


Angie in TO said...

Sounds like a busy week. You must have incredible patience to be a teacher and especially children with behaviour problems, hats off to you, I KNOW I couldn't do it. The picture of the flower in all the snow is so nice, a little hint of spring coming through. I can't wait, it's so messy here with the melting snow. Looking forward to the budding trees and nesting birds.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to read you're working, if only a little bit.

I really like your snow pictures. Ours is mostly melted, thanks to our "heat wave," but the chill is back.

Sally said...

Good to hear you've had some work this week. I hope it picks up more after half term ( which seems to come round faster each year!).

It ssnowed here Wednesday night then yesterday at about lunchtime it started and didn't stop until about 9pm last night. We must have had a good 4" but it melted a little then froze so it's rather nasty walking this morning and the side roads are terrible.

LoriRay said...

No snow here so I'll just enjoy yours. Thanks for the pictures! :)

Teena in Toronto said...

Our snow has been disappearing. Yay!

Irene said...

Our snow is gone and even though it's cold the days are looking more like spring.