Thursday, 19 February 2009

A day out

It's half term this week. Although this hasn't made all that much difference to me. Except I am having a week with out waking up with the dreaded pain in the tum. I have got into a bit of a rut. I rarely go out unless I have to and so this is a bit of a habit now.

John had a day off on Wednesday so we decided to pack our rucksacks and head off into the countryside. We caught a train to Mytholmroyd and walked through the Nature reserve

it was a reasonably easy walk , although some parts were quite boggy due the recent snow and rain.
We could here birds all around us but didn't spot any. There was evidence of deer too. The trees were all in winter mode and no hint of new leaf buds yet. When we climbed from the reserve on to the moor you could appreciate how pretty winter trees can be.

Biddle as usual found an easier way than climbing the style

More photos can be found here
of the day.

I have done some creating a Valentine's day page for my book

Talking of Valentine's Day John bought me a very cute Tusker elephant holding a heart balloon.

I still haven't got to grips with anything much textile wise. I know why. I committed myself to a doll challenge knowing full well that my feeble attempt at design would not compete with the others and no I am stuck. I have the legs, arms, and body, but just can't get the head to go right, i have got to go back through the books to find out exactly what she will wear and unless the rest of the group have read the Deverry series no one will know who the heck she is LOL. If I give up I will let the group organiser down but I can't seem to move on. I can't use work as an excuse for being too busy though I have got some work next week. Guess I should just get on with it.

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Shari said...

oh to be able to go for a hike in a nature preserve!!!! I am so jealous!!!!! I would love to do that. I need the exercise so bad!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your time off!!!

Pumpkin said...

Gee, Biddle had a great day out ;o)

Are you making journal pages like Nancy is? You're doing a fantastic job! I just wouldn't have the patience for that.

Lisa said...

That looks like a lovely day out! It's good to get out of the old rut, although I would like to wallow in mine more often than I get to. I long for the days when I worked at home and could go days without leaving the house.

The Valentine pages are lovely! You are so creative. I love visiting here to see what new thing you're doing.

Irene said...

Great pictures of your day out, looks like Biddle had fun :)

Sally said...

Looks like Biddle had fun:) I bet it was a lovely walk. I need to get out more often.

The Valentines pages are lovely.