Tuesday, 13 January 2009

positive I hope!

I have decided not bore everyone with doom and gloom suffice to say no work yet this term. But I have sent for two application forms, apart time teaching post and a support assistant post. yes a backward step maybe but needs must and all that.

Having thought that last year I had not made an awful lot I put together a photo album and was surprised to see how much there was. There is one item missing.

This was a panel that had been in the stash for ages and I quilted it and bound it with this strip that came down the side of the panel. It was part of John's Christmas presents. Christmas seems a distant memory now.

At the week end we were visited by our usual group of sparrows and the collar doves. But there was great excitement when a robin, blackbird and thrush all appeared too.

The photos are all taken from the kitchen window so are not the best quality. its surprising how much time I can spend at the window watching the birds and it must be great to have a real back garden and a conservatory to sit and watch in.

I am supposed to thinking of a doll character to make for a challenge i should be taking part in. I have tried to draw what i want but it has not worked out so I shall have to find a pattern I.
can use as a template.

I have been X stitching and have finished and posted one of my swap squares and have almost finished another. A bear has requested a jumper, so I started that yesterday and on the table i have some paper craft stuff that I am playing around with.

The weather has warmed up but its dull and rainy. I have put the central heating back on timer and I am wearing my fingerless mittens! Oh and two jumpers! And a scarf!!

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Sally said...

I love watching the birds in my garden but there doesn't seem to many around at the moment. Only seen the odd sparrow and blackbird.

Teena in Toronto said...

Wow! That quilt is gorgeous!