Monday, 5 January 2009

New Year

I have never really enjoyed New year's eve. Over the past few years we have watched Jools Holland and I have managed to stay cheerful. But this time we didn't bother staying up, John was coughing as bad as ever and I was in usual new year mode. I hate all the hype of how its all a fresh start and things will improve etc. Any way enough said. Today is the first day of a new term and I am at home!

It has been really chilly here and new year's eve we woke up to a sharp frost and I took these photos.

At dogdaisychains

I saw a similar photo the following day.

The weather has not improved and this morning woke to a smattering of snow and icy roads but the sun has come out and its reached a chill 1C.

The decorations are all packed away but I have left the snow folk out for a while longer until I feel spring should be on its way. It all looks a bit dreary at the moment but some ornaments need to be brought back down stairs.

I have a new dragon John bought him for our special day celebrated 20th December we have been together 19 years now.

Dragon has a lovely chime and is hanging above my sewing area. The machine is back from her Christmas break but her table looked like this for a very short period

I have almost finished a small x stitch for a swap. I was amazed reading other blogs just how much stitching people manage to complete in a year. My offering was really small it doesn't warrant a mention here! But if I thought long and hard I could come up with quite a good list of sewn and knitted items. I don't seem to get to stitch much any more. But have loads I could stitch WIPS UFOs and charts aplenty.

Thanks if you leave a comment. And hope your year is a good one


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Wendy! I've never seen frosty spider webs before, what a treat.

Sally said...

It's very cold here on the coast too. I dragged the girls out in this morning! LOL!

Love your new dragon.

Irene said...

Great pictures, I've never seen frosty webs before.