Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Still chilly...

.... here after the excitement of a reasonable amount of snow last Thursday

it was considerably more than last Tuesday. Most of the schools that I could teach at were closed for the day.

On Saturday I put the Christmas tree up and was quite pleased with it. I have not put the little tinsel strands on this year because the few that found their way to the carpet when I was sorting out, Tia decided would be nice to chew. And I am paranoid after one cat came to a tragic end having eaten some yarn a few years ago.

Everything is looking very festive and mother nature is finally finished. I need to move the shelf to get a really good picture but here she is

Today was the designated date to open a package from an ornament swap I participated in. I was so pleased with this cute little chap

Thank you so much Nancy. I will post the one I sent out when I know its been opened. I love swaps.

I am almost done with present making and buying and will have plenty of makes to show in the new year.


Renee said...

Your tree and decorations are very beautiful!!! I love the ornament you received from Nancy and I'm looking forward to seeing the one that you stitched!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Wendy your Christmas tree is beautiful. I love your rendition of Mother Nature. She really looks very Christmasy.

Shari said...

everything looks great!!! I love seeing other people's trees!
Thanks for sharing!

Sally said...

Your tree looks lovely as does Mother Nature.

We didn't get the snow last Thursday. The girls were so disappointed as they were hoping school would be closed as the headmaster had sent letters home tthe day before warning us it could be if it was as bad as predicted. Of course loads of kids just didn't bother turning up anyway.

Love the snowman ornament. He's so cute.

LoriRay said...

Lucky you -- you got snow and a snowman ornament! Woo hoo! :-)