Tuesday, 2 December 2008


We woke up to the tiniest covering of snow this morning. I love snow as I have mentioned before. So I was happy but I expect that is because I am home today and not travelling in it.

Last week I hadn't worked up much enthusiasm for the coming Christmas season but at the weekend pulled out the various things I have made and was anxious to start putting them up.
The nativity scene is always first. Stored in Biddle's box,

I bought it the first year John and I were together so we have had it 19 years now.

The new advent calendar is hanging supplemented by one with chocolates in!

Today the snowmen came out of hibernation and began to gather

I expect a few more will appear over the coming season. I have to put a bit of thought into where some of the pictures will hang this year because we have changed things around a bit from last year. Christmas decorating seems to be an on going event here.

Mother Nature is almost finished, I have added leaves to her head-dress now. They are pinned but stay in place better that way.

I have to finally decide whether her skirt leaves are positioned to my satisfaction and finish her make up.
Work picked up a bit last week despite Thursday being cancelled. I made up the day on Friday which turned out to be a good day despite a traumatic taxi journey! My worst nightmare. No work so far this week but I signed with a new agency yesterday which increases the chance of morning phone call stress but might bring in a bit more work.

Thank you for all the comments on past events


Sally said...

We had snow here this morning ( again!) too. I can't believe we've had so much snow already this Winter!

Love your snowmen! What a lovely display they make.

Anonymous said...

Mother Nature is looking beautiful.

We had just as much snow when we got home from San Diego.

Julie said...

Cute snowmen display, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

Jackie said...

It would be lovely to see you. I hope you won't be disappointed that you will find dogdaisy in the form of a little fat ..probably older than anyone else there-woman.