Thursday, 30 October 2008

It's hanging.

"Autumn Leaves" is hanging up and I am really pleased with the result. My first design :). This spot above the door will become seasonal.

Do you record what you have made? I take photographs. There has been the odd thing sent off in a rush that I have forgotten about. But I also keep a notebook and try to remember to record the fabrics I have used. Some times this gets forgotten, but its a good way of remembering what fabrics and trims I have used especially when the item has been given as a gift.

This is the record for autumn leaves. And this the record of the dolls I made for Libby and me last year.

It has been a strange week. officially it's half-term but because of the lack of work its been an ordinary week for me. John has been home too which was nice. Libby came to visit on Tuesday and we went to the Media Museum
The main attraction at the moment is 50 years of Blue Peter and it was interesting to follow their progress from small beginnings.

The weather has been extremely cold. Far colder than it should be in October. Yesterday's high was 2c this time last year it was about 14c. And I am sure that I saw a few flakes of snow although John wasn't convinced.

Today I have to continue with the secret things and also spend a bit of time on the 3 Kings. They need some trims.


Renee said...

Autumn Leaves is sooooo pretty!!!! You did an AWESOME job!!!!!!! I love it!

Sally said...

Autumn Leaves looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so pretty!! Your records are a great idea. It's cold here, too. Brrr!!!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Thank you so much for the wishes.
The autumn leaves look lovely. Perhaps now you should have snow flakes for the winter and daffodils for the spring and cloud, sun and rain for the English summer.

Jackie said...

Thank you for your comment. I know just how you feel about supply teaching.
I've just dropped off the list.