Thursday, 23 October 2008

Keeping busy

It has been a busy week. And only one day involved going to work. On Monday I had to go back to the job centre to sign on. This was quite straight forward and the woman I spoke to was friendly enough. She gave me some details which led to me phoning a new (to me) supply agency in Leeds on Tuesday and then spending a substantial amount of time updating my CV. Its not a very exciting CV as my spare time is spent doing stitchy things and I never had a gap year to go swanning off to exciting foreign places. My years between school and university were spent working and bringing up my family. :).

On Wednesday the phone hadn't rung by eight o'clock and so I was just beginning to plan what I could do for the day when it did ring and I dashed off down the road to a local school to spend the morning with year 1 and the afternoon with year 5. It was a good day.

This morning was spent in Leeds I had an appointment with the new agency, filled in forms and now I have to wait for them to get my references back. It will mean that now I have two agencies that might be able to find me some work.

In between all this I did find some time to do a bit of creating. I have stitched around the leaves on my autumnal hanging which makes them stand out a bit more.

It doesn't show up clearly in the photo
I am determined it will be hanging up by the end of the weekend. It will depend whether there is work tomorrow. I must have been quite busy with sewing because there is fabric all over the place up here

I have started other things that will remain secret at the moment. I pulled out Joy to the World to get finished so that it can be hung up this Christmas.

I ran out of Indian Summer thread with one letter to go. So I had to order some more from Sew and So

that came yesterday and so I can get that finished soon. I shall finish it as a hanging as framing will be too expensive at the moment.

I am feeling much better than last week. And although half term is meaningless this term it will be I won't be dreading the phone ringing/not ringing first thing in the morning.

its turned much colder here and windy again and although the morning was sunny its now raining.


Woman Called Joyce said...

So glad you were able to get work, even if it was just for a day. Hopefully, between the two agencies, you'll find a permanent position soon. Can't wait to see your autumnal wall hanging when it's finished!

Sally said...

Your autumn wall hanging is looking good and I love Joy to the World!

Keeping my finger's crossed that the angencies help you find something soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I hope the new agency brings work. I hate running out of thread with just a little bit to go! I'm looking forward to seeing finished pieces soon. Here's hoping for a close dyelot match with Indian Summer. :o)