Saturday, 9 August 2008

This is summer?

A week into August and its raining hard. When my daughter was small we had hot, hot days in August and her birthday party in the garden wiping melting chocolate from our fingers. But not any more it seems.
Talking of daughter's birthdays I can now show what I have spent much of the last few weeks stitching Close ups can be found here

if you look at the first ginger puss closely you will see that I had missed off some of the blanket stitching!! I only noticed after it was completely made up and I was tidying up the ends of thread. But it was easily rectified. I am really pleased with it. The pattern is by Alley Cat and Tails.
Elizabeth is in Holland until tomorrow so I think I will be OK posting this up today.

I haven't seen Mousie for several days but last time she visited she brought two mini mousies with her. There have been several cats in the garden recently.

Mother Nature is coming aong well and updated pictures can be seen here

scroll down to the end of the page. I still have plenty to do to her but she is progressing well.


Sally said...

We've had some heavy rain here on the coast of East Yorkshire too. It's raining now but the heavy stuff is forecast for later:( Perfect stitching weather and as I have to avoid sun while I'm on these antibiotics it's perfect pill taking weather too!

Love what you made for your daughter. It's so cute. Hope she had a great birthday!

Pumpkin said...

Thank you so much for your comment Wendy :o) The bunny you sent me sits right behind me on the work table and I see her every day :o)

Your cat wall hanging is lovely! I hope your daughter has a nice birthday.

I can't get over Mother Nature though!!!! She is amazing and there is so much work put into her. You are so talented!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh what a lovely wall hanging. I love the cat theme they are all so adorable and I am sure your daughter is thrilled with it. Thank you for your lovely and supportive comments in my blog.vv

mumzy said...

The cat wall hanging is just the cutest. I'm sure your daughter was very pleased and had a wonderful birthday. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm hoping to learn how to put pictures of my crafts on my blog soon. Our weather has finally improved and hope yours did the same.