Friday, 22 February 2008

Mixed weather

Its been a week of mixed weather here. At the beginning of the week it was cold with temperature of -6C degrees at night and hovering around zero during the day with a touch of snow Tuesday night and then suddenly it turned milder but the wind is blowing a gale.

The exciting part of this has been we have had unexpected birds in our garden, well back yard. We only ever used to see pigeons and magpies. When we first got the bird feeder last year we were visited by sparrows and the odd blue tit or two. But this week we have seen two thrushes a pair of blackbirds with thoughts of nesting and a lovely robin.

Can you see him? I was taking pictures from the kitchen window and only have a basic camera.

I have been busy with my secret sewing! and have also made the hands for Mother Nature 2. She is progressing slowly as I want to choose the best fabrics for her leaves.

Some years ago I participated in a swap with other cross stitchers we all stitched themed squares and th eidea was to make a friendship quilt with the squares we were sent. I had a look at all mine today but have no idea how what to do with them. They all need cutting to the same size before I do anything with them and the thought of cutting them and making a mistake ...
So I stuck them all back in the drawer for another day!


The Patchwork Rabbit said...

We started getting Robins in our garden 2 years ago, after putting up feeders. They're so cheeky, aren't they!

A friend of mine feeds the one's that visit her garden. She gives them meal worms from chopsticks! They hop right up to her and take them. :)

Karen Mallory said...

Hi! Your blog is very nice. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the mouse and cheese. I actually heard a few birds singing today and my husband had to put out the hummingbird feeders last weekend. We have lots of birds and animals and such around our house.
hugs Karen