Friday, 29 February 2008

Dangly things

I thought I had better give an example of a dangly thing

Here are two bird ones. The green/yellow one hangs in the kitchen and the purple one up here in my work room. The first one of these I made was in Christmas colours and comes out in the festive season and hangs in the main room. That is replaced for the rest of the year by some elephants.

here is a close up

I string them on
Anchor perle
number 5 cotton floss in a suitable colour and thread beads between each one.

I am hoping my order from Sew and so will come today and then I will be already for the SAL tomorrow.

Its 29th February today and John informed me, he (and many others) are working for free as he gets paid 365 days a year and this year has an extra day.

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Terri M said...

Aaaah, thank you! They are terrific, I love them.