Tuesday, 19 December 2006

It pays to read instructions carefully!!

I am soooooooooo silly!

Yesterday I decided that it would be a good idea to use up at least one piece of the many pieces of fabric I have in my stash and make a pair of trousers. I found a nice brown piece and and a suitable pattern and laid it all out on the floor to cut out. Width wise it was just about big enough and I managed to get it all lined up ready to pin when along came Thomas who decided it would be a good idea to help. I think every cat I have owned thinks he knows more about cutting out than I do.

Eventually it was all done and i brought it upsatirs to sew. Now this style has a draw string waist and the first direction is to sew two button holes. This is where my silliness all began.

I have two machines now, my newest one is about 18 months old and I still haven't got to grips with everything it does. So sometimes I turn back to my old faithful, however I thought it would be a good idea to do two button holes on the newest one.
Making button holes involves pulling down a lever and everytime I pulled it down it sprung back up. I couldn't think why this was and ended up making the button holes on th eolder machine. John came home from work and I showed him what kept happening, and kept saying this diagram doesn't look like my machine!!! Well this morning I was all set to phone the company I bought the machine from but thought I better zig zag the last two seams, when ...... I made a discovery the lever I had pulled down was the automatic needle threader and not the button hole lever that was tucked way back. Boy am I glad I didn't phone up about it. So I have tested making button holes and they are perfect.

The moral of this is to do as I teach read instructions carefully.

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Stitching Dragon said...

ROFL!!! That is often a "man" thing, ignoring the instructions, so you have struck one for us women ;0)