Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Where did October go?

It ran off with out me posting one post until now.

 One sunny day in autumn a cat heard a bluetit in a tree
 and decided to climb up and investiage
 he climbed and climbed but just as he reached the top the bird flew down.
 So he decided he did not like heights and he better do likewise.
 He wasn not really sure how to do it.
 So he slid along the branches
 and then realised he might be stuck.
 He thought
 and thought, trying to look cool and care free
 and then carefully put one paw in front of the other
 and slowly felt his way
 to the trunk of the tree.
 At last he was able to see the ground
 jumped onto the grass
and nonchalantly walked home for his tea as if nothoing had happend.

breakfast as if nothing had happend.

Before I started photographing him there had been two cats up there. One had got down really easily but Mr Tabby took about four minutes.


Julie said...

What a little scamp.....

Sally said...

Silly kitty lol!