Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Tour de Yorkshire

Last July Yorkshire experienced two stages of Le Tour de France. It was an exciting experience. One legacy from this event is the staging of Tour de Yorkshire. The inaugral event took place over the first three days in May. Some questioned why Bank Holiday Monday was not included.

 Luckily the best stage for us to attend was Sunday's Wakefield to Leeds.  So we sent off, not too early, on Sunday morninng and caught the train to Ilkley. The weather was not too promising but we went prepared with big coats and wet weather over trousers in case it poured down.  The main professional race was preceded by a sportive race.

We gave them a clap as they rode  through Ilkley. After a very nice lunch we set off to find a good position near The Cow and Calf rocks.

just under 2km away  but all uphill.

Sportive riders were encouraged all the way and some fun riders too.

The weather improved considerably and we certainly did not need big coats.  The view was lovely and the sky blue

 and the crowds grew

Just before 4pm  the lead riders arrived

and a few minutes later the pack

including Tommy Voeckler

I  did not realised at the time I had caught a familiar face.

Just as we were going to start back down the hill we realised that all the riders had not come through

It was  great day and I am looking forward to next year.


Indigo Blue said...

looks like the weather was kind on that day too.

Julie said...

How exciting!